Papush | About Us

Papush is an innovative production company, specializing in creating buzz and hype for products. Papush operates on all platforms, with a deep understanding of 21th century new media patterns. We create hype around well-defined and segmented target audiences, be it upper class, students, hardcore Tel-Avivians, or any other distinct audience.

How do you create hype? By viral content, media alluring content, content that triggers conversation. We tailor and produce this content especially for each brand's audience, aiming to connect the audience to the brand's character, spirit, values, and of course – its ongoing activities.

The unique content we architect and produce creates an emotional bond between the brand and its clients. We operate by mixing different types of media (cross platform), and believe the best way to a client's heart is through cooperation and mutual interest. 

Papush specializes in creating high efficiency content with low costs. We trade Television's squandering costs with effective campaigns, strategically using different media and field presence.

Our creative compass is measured by cost effect terms. 

Our activity creates economic value and positive aura for our clients.